Welcome to a Fork in the Road Deli where we serve the finest homemade culinary creations in Pembroke.  A popular spot, we serve fresh salads that are delightful combination of lettuces, veggies, meats, cheeses, and fruits, and an enormous sandwich menu that includes cold sandwiches, paninis, and more. Gluten Free options available. If you're near our store we would love you to stop in and try one of our famous sandwiches.  If you are in need of catering, check out our Corporate and Event Catering page!

Specialty Sandwiches

All of our Award winning sandwiches can be prepared on several choices of breads including our signature braided Italian Scali bread.  Ask your server for todays bread choices. We have Gluten Free options available.

All sandwiches can be customized with your choice of cheese and toppings:

swiss                   Lettuce                Mayonnaise

American             Tomatoes             Spicy deli mustard

Provolone             Pickles                 Honey Mustard

Muenster              Onions                Yellow Mustard

Vermont Cheddar  Roasted Peppers  Seasoned Oil

Mozzarella            Hot Peppers         Hot Sauce

Pepperjack           Red Onion            Sprouts

Gouda                 Artichoke Hearts


Bacon(add $.50)

Extra Side Order - $.75

Bryantville Rollers

Turkey Roller

Roasted turkey breast, swiss cheese, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato.


Roast Beef Roller

Rare roast beef, havarti cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato & sprouts.


Peppercorn Roller

Cracked pepper turkey breast with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts & peppercorn dressing.


Veggie Roller

Lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, red onion, roasted peppers and choice of dressing.



Smoked turkey, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, red onion and creamy barbeque dressing


Tex-Mex Roller

Salsalito turkey breast, pepperjack cheese, quacamole, lettuce, tomatoes and red onion.


BLT Roller 

Crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and mayonnaise.


Chicken Salad Roller

Our homemade chicken salad with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts.


Tuna Salad Roller

Our homemade tuna salad with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts.


Garden Salad

Crisp mixed greens tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and croutons- add all white meat chicken or tuna for additional $2.50

Ceasar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed with our own Ceasar dressing & fresh-grated parmesan cheese.- add grilled chicken


Our fresh garden salad topped with imported genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, and a stuffed cherry pepper.


Chef Salad

Our fresh garden salad topped with imported ham, turkey breast, swiss cheese.


Greek Salad

Our fresh garden salad topped with black olives, and crumbled feta cheese.


​Grilled Chicken Salad

Our fresh garden salad topped with sliced grilled chicken breast.

​All salads are served with your choice of the following dressings.

  • Italian

  • Balsamic

  • Ranch

  • Blue Cheese

  • Zinfandel Vinagarette

  • Greek

  • Parmesan Peppercorn

  • Russian

  • Caesar

Extra Dressings for $.75 - Extra Blue Cheese $1.00​​

The Mattakeesett   

Tender roast beef, thinly sliced and topped with Vermont cheddar, roasted sweet redpeppers and Italian dressing.


The Smokehouse

Smoked turkey breast and smoked brown sugar ham topped with smoked gouda cheese, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato.


The Harvard 

Lean corned beef brisket piled high and topped with imported swiss cheese, fresh cole slaw and a splash of spicy deli mustard.


The Pilgrim 

Skinless oven-roasted turkey breast stacked high atop our homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and a dab of mayonnaise.


The Wampatuck 

A generous serving of our hickory smoked turkey breast, muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and honey mustard.


The Hobomock  

Roast turkey breast with pepperjack cheese, sliced red onion and guacamole.


The Arrowhead 

Rare roast beef with our chicken breast, harvarti cheese, lettuce, tomato and our creamy barbeque sauce.


The Maquan

Smoked brown sugar ham with provolone cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce and honey mustard.


The Fairway

Thin slices of our rare roast beef and roasted turkey breast with Havarti, fresh sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes and a dab of mayonnaise.​


The Wellington

Our version of the Reuben. Thinly sliced pastrami and corned beef brisket served hot with melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing.


The Columbus

Paper thin slices of prosciutto, hot ham and mozzarella with roasted red peppers and marinated artichoke hearts drizzled with our seasoned oil and vinegar dressing.


The Squanto

Thinly sliced imported ham and roasted turkey breast with Danish harvarti cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.


The Maplewood

Thin slices of honey maple ham and honey smoked turkey with sharp Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and our tangy honey mustard.


The Stetson

Rare roast beef and lots of it, topped with crisp lettuce, sliced red onion and chilled blue cheese dressing.


The Stagestop

Roasted chicken breast, thinly sliced and topped with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion and creamy barbeque dressing.


The Country Club

Our delicious skinless roasted turkey breast with swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing.


The Varsity

Breaded chicken cutlets served hot with honey ham, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.


The Stanford

Boneless buffalo chicken breast, lettuce, sliced red onion and blue cheese dressing.


The Town Line

Homestyle roast beef, hickory smoked turkey with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.


The Braeburn

Sliced buffalo chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayonnaise.


The Brooks Mills 

Our breaded chicken cutlets topped with tangy barbaque sauce and melted swiss cheese.


The McKenzie

Black Forest ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish mustard.


The Grist Mill

Homestyle chicken breast, crisp Romaine lettuce, parmesean cheese and Caesar dressing.


The Big Yuck

Liverwurst, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, and yellow mustard.


The Montclair

Chipotle Salsa turkey breast, pepperjack cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and a dab of mayonnaise.


The Jack Murphy

Mortadella, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and hot peppers.




The Jinki

Tuna melt with tomato...

Make it "Kinkie" by adding hot peppers.


Homemade Soup of the Day $4.00/$5.00

Chowder or Chili $5.00 /$6.00​​

                  Side Orders : 

 All of our salads are prepared fresh in house.

Priced by Weight:

Red Bliss Potato Salad - Cole Slaw - Pasta Twist Salad - Tortellini Salad-Traditional Mac Salad- Sesame LO Mein Salad-Beet and Onion Salad

Hot Cherry Peppers stuffed with Prosciutto and Imported Provolone - $1.75 each.

Fresh Dill Pickles or Half Sour Pickles -$1.25 ea.

Massachusetts 7% Meals Tax - All prices subject to change

"Wacky Wednesday" Special -All Homemade Dinners $6.99

Check our Facebook for daily meal specials




6 Union Street

Pembroke, MA 02359

Phone: 781.293.4300